A home automation consultancy company specialising in Loxone smart home products based in Northampton. We can integrate every Loxone feature into creating your smart home that thinks the way you do. Working closely with DYSC IT Solutions allows us to offer bespoke installations and solutions through being able to develop our own custom-build products.


Our products can revolutionise your home which we see, not as a luxury but as a contemporary living model for everyone. From heating to audio, your home can feature the latest wired or wireless technology to remove some of your daily tasks, providing you with more time to do the things that are more important to you. 


Work with Home-Automate

We offer outsourcing solutions to architects, mechanical and electrical consultants plus direct to clients. If you're looking to add automation to your services, then contact us to arrange a demonstrative meeting with our expert designers. We support you with designs, advice and installation solutions to provide your client with the future of living. See full Terms and Conditions about outsourcing partnerships